What is a burn?

A burn is damage to the skin usually caused by heat, such as touching a hot stove or oven. It can also be caused by touching hot water or steam.

Sunburn is caused by being out in the sun and can happen even if sunblock has been applied.  


The skin can become red, sore, and blister. The area will feel sore or painful.  


Drapolene® cream is an effective treatment for minor burns or sunburn. Apply gently to the affected area as required. Its antiseptic formulation will relieve and sooth the painful, red, sore skin.

350g tub of drapolene cream

Cool, treat, cover and protect

Cool: Immerse the burn in cold water until the skin is cold – this can take several minutes, don’t rush this as it is the most important stage.

Treat: Dry the skin gently and apply a thin layer of antiseptic Drapolene Cream to the burn site to soothe and relieve the sore skin- you can do this several times a day as needed.

Cover & protect: Using a sterile bandage cover the burn to protect the area as the skin heals.

The gentle and soothing antiseptic qualities of Drapolene Cream provides effective relief for minor burns.

Apply a thin layer to the affected area when it is clean and dry.




Easy to Apply





Ask your pharmacist for Drapolene Cream or order online from Amazon:

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