Drapolene Cream prevents and treats nappy rash. It also treats adult urinary dermatitis associated with incontinence, minor burns and sunburn.

Drapolene 100g tube

  • Pop one in your change bag to use out and about.
  • Keep one in your change mat so it’s easy to use at every nappy change.
  • Have a tube in the first aid kit for treating minor burns.

Drapolene 200g tub

  • Great to have to hand on the change table to use at every nappy change to help treat or prevent nappy rash.
  • Keep a tub in the bathroom or toilet for relief of adult urinary dermatitis at home.


Drapolene 350g tub

  • Large pack tub with extra wide lid for ease of use.
  • Keep a tub in the bathroom to treat nappy rash, minor sunburn or adult urinary dermatitis.


About Drapolene Cream

Drapolene Cream is a non-greasy, antiseptic, emollient cream. It is easy to apply and does not clog the nappy.
Drapolene Cream is paraben and fragrance-free. It can also be used to treat adult urinary dermatitis and minor burns.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients

Ask your pharmacist for Drapolene Cream or order online from Amazon