Essential Information

Drapolene® Cream’s active ingredients are Benzalkonium chloride 0.01% w/w & Cetrimide 0.2% w/w. Uses: Drapolene® Cream is indicated for the relief of nappy rash and for use as an adjunct to baby care hygiene for the prevention of nappy rash. Drapolene® Cream is indicated for the relief of urinary dermatitis in adults and as an adjunct to patient care hygiene for the prevention of urinary dermatitis. Drapolene® Cream is also indicated for the symptomatic relief of minor burns, limited sunburn and the effects of weather.

Side Effects: Allergic hypersensitivity reactions may occur in individuals who are sensitive to one or several components of Drapolene® Cream.

Contraindications: It is inadvisable to apply Drapolene® Cream to a baby or adult who has an established hypersensitivity to benzalkonium chloride, cetrimide or lanolin. Use should be discontinued if an allergic hypersensitivity reaction is suspected.

Directions: (Source 1 & 2)
Babies: The skin under the nappy should be washed then dried thoroughly at each nappy change. Drapolene® Cream should be applied, paying particular attention to folds in the skin.
Adults: The affected area (or the area of application) should be washed and dried thoroughly before applying Drapolene® Cream. Regular routine application is advised. Drapolene® Cream should be applied as required for minor burns, limited sunburn and the effects of weather.

Category: GSL. PL Holder: Ravira Ltd, Markou Botsari 3, 3040, Limassol, Cyprus. Date of Preparation: July 2021. Adverse events should be reported to 0330 1359 441. Reporting forms and information can be found at Managed by Supra Enterprises Ltd.




2. Community Practitioner Magazine Sept/Oct 2021


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