Soothe, treat and prevent sore skin caused by incontinence

Soothe, treat and prevent sore skin caused by incontinence


What is Adult Urinary Dermatitis (AUD)?

Sore skin, around the bottom or genitals, in adults who suffer with incontinence is medically known as adult urinary dermatitis (AUD) or incontinence associated with dermatitis (IAD). 

Causes of adult urinary dermatitis

It is caused by irritants such as urine or faeces in contact with the skin for prolonged periods.

You are looking for red or inflamed skin that can be sore to the touch, in and around the bottom and genital area of adults who suffer with incontinence. As with all skin irritations left untreated, it can become infected as the skin is damaged. It can make the sufferer feel uncomfortable, which might affect their mood making them grumpy and irritated.

350g tub of drapolene cream

Drapolene® Cream soothes, treats and prevents sore skin caused by incontinence. It also forms a barrier to protect the delicate skin around the bottom and genitals from external irritants such as wee or poo.




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How to treat urinary / incontinence dermatitis

Drapolene® Cream soothes and treats sore skin caused by incontinence, known as adult urinary dermatitis. Its unique formulation contains two antiseptics that gently soothe the irritation and help stop bacteria from growing. It also forms a protective barrier over the skin to help prevent external irritants from reaching the skin.

How to prevent urinary / incontinence dermatitis

Drapolene® Cream can also prevent adult urinary dermatitis associated with incontinence. It does this by helping to stop the bacteria growing that can cause the skin irritation. It also forms a protective barrier over the skin to help prevent external irritants from reaching the skin.

You can also try:

  • Washing the genital and bottom area with warm water and non-irritant soaps
  • Changing incontinence pads more regularly

How to apply Drapolene Cream


Clean or wash and dry the affected area thoroughly, paying particular attention to the folds of skin.

Apply Drapolene® Cream thinly to the irritated area.

Change the incontinence pad.

Reapply Drapolene® Cream regularly and at every toilet visit.

How does Drapolene Cream work?

Drapolene® Cream is an effective treatment for incontinence or urine-associated dermatitis in adults. Its unique antiseptic formulation, gently soothes the inflammation, reduces the redness on the skin and helps stop the bacteria growing that cause the irritation in the first place.

It contains two antiseptics: benzalkonium chloride and cetrimide, which soothe and treat the rash, helping to stop the growth of bacteria which can cause the rash.
It also contains two moisturisers: white paraffin and lanolin, which moisturise the skin and form a protective barrier that prevents the external irritants from reaching the skin.

Used at your regular toilet visits Drapolene® Cream can help you treat and prevent adult urinary dermatitis effectively.

Ask your pharmacist for Drapolene Cream or order online from Amazon:

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